Just Manager

0.1 alpha 54

An alternative file manager for Windows


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Just Manager is a simple file manager that, despite its many features, takes up very little space and barely consumes any memory.

The program has a totally configurable interface that allows you to view your information in anywhere from one to sixteen tiled windows. You can also open as many tabs as you want, so that large amounts of information are open and accessible at the same time.

Most operations can be performed by simply dragging and dropping. This, combined with the color system used to differentiate files and folders, makes carrying out all sorts of tasks both fast and intuitive.

Another intriguing feature is the FTP client that is included inside the program, as well as the option to disconnect from a network from within the application.

Just Manager is a comprehensive file manager that would make a good replacement for the traditional Windows file explorer since it has great features and better performance.
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